The Centre for Entangled Media Research (CEMR) has its home in the College of Arts and the School of Film and Media at the University of Lincoln, UK. The research we undertake is concerned with the entanglements of media and the processes of mediation that condition experiences of the contemporary world as a multidimensional and shared environment. The contingent and dynamic interconnections and the diffractional ‘intra-actions’ within the medial environment are materially constitutive of both the zone of research attention, activity and enquiry, and of the diverse array of mediated phenomena and events with which our research is concerned. Our research responds to a multiplicity of entanglements – entanglements of media theory with media arts practice, and entanglements of media technologies with everyday life. The work of the Centre is concerned with how entanglements with life sciences, software studies, and new directions in political and ethical thinking, are transforming media studies in the 21st century. The Centre is motivated by, and shares an affinity with, non-representational, non-media centric and transversal approaches to media in the academy and more widely. Our projects are, in various senses, experimental, participatory, open-ended, collaborative and transdisciplinary.

The Centre welcomes research proposals from prospective part-time and full-time M.Res and Ph.D students. Initial enquiries should be directed to Professor Dave Boothroyd and Dr. Dean Lockwood. It also welcomes invitations for collaboration on projects of common interest, including early-stage project development and consortium-building activities in relation to potential funded research bids.