Participatory Media Research Showcase 2015


Lincoln School of Film and Media is home to a number of research projects that investigate, explore and experiment with media as fundamental means of expression and communication for individuals and groups within society, for communities and institutions. Each of the projects presented at this showcase is researching the uses made of media and the place and roles of media in aspects of the everyday lives of participants in the processes communication, including the creation of content and knowledge and the sharing of experience and perspective. The participatory dimension of media making predates the arrival of the digital, but the ubiquity and accessibility of digital media devices and their integration into almost every aspect of our lives, has today focused attention on the vitality of media. Media are not merely central to representing the world and to understanding it, but essential to engaging with it and remaking it.

The showcase event on Wednesday July 15th is open to the general public as well as to staff and students from around the University and to stakeholders in the featured research projects.

A poster exhibition will be on display throughout the day and a cycle of short presentations on the projects will take place in Room 1019 Main Building beginning at 12.45pm and will be repeated at 15.45pm onwards.


film - by Andrew West